Drug Benefit Analysis & Pharmacy Services

Canadian employers spend more than $200-million a week on drugs. This cost will continue to rise and become unsustainable unless employers take a more active approach to the management of their drug benefit plan.

Experts advocate that better-managed drug benefit plans will realize significant savings, which can ensure the survival of the drug plan and also can be reinvested into health and wellness programs for the employees.

As part of Centric Health’s employer health services, our pharmacists are experts in efficient and cost-effective drug therapy. We are commited to working with employers and employees through the provision of the right medication to achieve positive health outcomes. Our involvement with the employer includes: Consultation to review drug utilization and drug formulary, Recommendation of realistic solutions focused on prevention and programs, Offer lower dispensing fees to employees for scripts filled at Centric Health pharmacies

Centric Health Pharmacies provide exceptional support in the safe and effective use of medications. Our pharmacies provide traditional pharmacy services such as compounding and dispensing medications, as well as many innovative clinical services.