Executive Health

Healthy leaders are the best leaders. Maintaining an optimum state of health is critical to inspiring any organization to reach its highest potential. Recognizing the importance of health in corporate culture, Executives need to be engaged in corporate wellness programs.

We offer an extensive Executive Health Assessment that provides immediate and personal service to make efficient use of your time. We work with each Executive and their primary care physician to ensure their unique health needs are addressed in a confidential and professional manner.

Executive Health Assessment

Centric Health Executive Health Assessment includes a personalized examination at the office, detailed health history, lifestyle review, diagnostic tests, comprehensive gender-specific examination, and confidential counselling on risk factors. Within 10 business days we'll follow up with a comprehensive health report which outlines current health status, identifies risk factors for a variety of health conditions and provides recommendations for optimal level of health and fitness. Three months after the initial assessment, our team of healthcare professionals will follow up to set health goals in collaboration with a primary care physician.

Mini-Executive Medicals

In addition to our Executive Health Assessments, we offer employers the option of Mini-Executive Medicals (MEM). MEMs are screening appointments targeted to your valuable management team. This consists of a condensed appointment (90 minutes) that will enable the executive to gain insight into their health risks and current health status. The MEM is provided either on site in a multi-station clinic or at our facilities.

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