Tele-Health Services

Centric Health is pleased to offer Tele-Health which is a telephone-based personal injury health management system that is available to employers and their employees. The program is manned by experienced nurses who screen for priority and critical symptoms.

Using clinical judgment, our nurses progress through care choices spanning options from immediate emergency room referral to home care instruction. The triaging nurse(s) have access to Occupational Health Physicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with more complicated issues. In addition, nurses have access to a roster of medical clinics and physicians to expedite priority care, even in remote locations. With the click of a mouse, all call details can be captured in one easy-to-retrieve location. Employer-specific options are also available and can be implemented at the employer’s discretion.

With this medical telephone triage service for occupational and non-occupational injuries, your employees can receive health advice over the phone from our triage nursing team day or night.