Drug & Alcohol Services

In recent research, employers who implemented a substance testing program reported an average improvement of 57% on their worker’s compensation incidence rates and 56% improvement on absenteeism rates.* The benefit to cost ratio for a drug and alcohol management program is approximately 26:1.**

Centric Health offers employers one-stop testing for all drug and alcohol testing needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help manage drug and alcohol-related challenges in your workplace. Our comprehensive coverage and network of collection sites allows us to facilitate testing nationally for small to large size employers in both the private and public sectors.

Our experienced and trained staffs are certified in DOT (Department of Transportation) collection procedures and use only certified labs for sample testing. Our Medical Review Officers (MROs) have been certified to read, interpret, and follow up on testing results to ensure compliance and that legislative standards are followed.

* Fortner NA; Martin DM; Esen SE; and Shelton L. Employee Drug Testing: Study shows improved productivity and attendance and decreased workers’ compensation and turnover. Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice. 2011; 5(4):2-22.
** Zaloshnja, E.; Miller, T. R.; and Spicer, R. S. Effectiveness and benefit-cost of peer-based workplace substance abuse prevention coupled with random testing, Accident; Analysis and Prevention. 2007; 39(3):565-573.