Partnering with Centric Health

Considering selling your healthcare business? Discover the benefits, synergies and growth that can be realized by partnering with Centric Health.

Centric Health is continuing to grow through strategic partnerships with established healthcare companies. We are looking for healthcare providers that have a solid track record of delivering quality patient care and services, and whose goals and objectives align with ours.

Some of the benefits of partnering with Centric Health include:

  • Opportunity to participate in a ground breaking initiative in Canadian healthcare
  • Focus on continuous improvement of clinical quality and practice
  • Established customer relationships built on the best quality product and service that helps us retain customers for years
  • Strong leadership at all levels provided by experienced managers who understand our operations and the needs of our staff and our customers
  • Shareholder opportunities as Centric Health is publicly traded
  • Coordinated marketing efforts
  • Innovative technological initiatives and IT support team
  • Dedication to collection and use of outcome data
  • Dedicated research and development committee
  • Regional driven preferred provider contracting efforts
  • Competitive employee benefits and programs
  • Regular compensation reviews to ensure that we remain competitive in the market place
  • Performance feedback with an emphasis on employee input and participation
  • Career advancement opportunities locally and across Canada
  • Access to continuing education and mentoring programs

To explore some of our recent partnerships and hear the benefits directly from our partners, please select from the menu items on the left.