Centric Health's Performance Medical Group (PMG) has been implementing its Lower Extremity Care Program for over 10 years in more than 45 clinics across North America. Our experienced clinicians help relieve lower extremity discomfort by correcting its underlying causes.

Performance uses state-of-the-art computerized gait analysis technology to diagnose lower limb problems and conditions. Clinical assessments take 25-30 minutes and are complementary with no obligations. Based on the results from the biomechanical assessment and the needs of the client, our clinicians provide education on any biomechanical concerns and, if necessary, fit them with a custom orthotic unique to their needs.

Our service highlights include:

  • Free biomechanical assessment using pressure mapping technology to diagnose abnormal foot loading patterns while the person is walking.
  • 100% custom-made orthotics based on assessment results.
  • Complimentary follow-up and modifications based on orthotic treatment plan.
  • Education on proper foot mechanics and symptom reduction.
  • 2 year warrantly on wear and tear

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